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Showing 1 - 36 of 349 products
Save R 34.95
UV Resin Hard - 60 mlUV Resin Hard - 60 ml
Sale priceR 120.00 Regular priceR 154.95
UV Resin Hard - 60 ml
Save R 50.00
UV Resin Hard - 100 mlUV Resin Hard - 100 ml
Sale priceR 199.95 Regular priceR 249.95
UV Resin Hard - 100 ml
Ninja Airbrush by Supernova StudioNinja Airbrush by Supernova Studio
Polymer Clay Blades (Long) 20 CMPolymer Clay Blades (Long) 20 CM
Solid Acrylic RollerSolid Acrylic Roller
Sale priceR 39.95
Solid Acrylic Roller
Airbrush quick release couplingAirbrush quick release coupling
Sale priceR 199.99
Airbrush quick release coupling
TD6-1 - Airbrush Cleaning Brushes
Polymer Clay Blades (Short) 10 CMPolymer Clay Blades (Short) 10 CM
Airbrush Hose - 3m Braided - Black
TD6-8 - Airbrush Nozzle Cleaner NeedleTD6-8 - Airbrush Nozzle Cleaner Needle
Extrusion Tool for Polymer ClayExtrusion Tool for Polymer Clay
Sale priceR 169.95
Extrusion Tool for Polymer Clay
Pasta MachinePasta Machine
Sale priceR 399.95
Pasta Machine
TD6-2 - Airbrush Cleaning Rods
Sale priceR 89.95
TD6-2 - Airbrush Cleaning Rods
Hobby Knife with BladesHobby Knife with Blades
Sale priceR 49.95
Hobby Knife with Blades
Blue Silicone Shaper with Ball Stylus ( 5 pieces)
Gift CardGift Card
Sale priceFrom R 100.00
Gift Card
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TD6-12 - Airbrush Mini FilterTD6-12 - Airbrush Mini Filter
Sale priceR 109.99
TD6-12 - Airbrush Mini Filter
UV Resin Tape
Sale priceR 59.95
UV Resin Tape
SS-186 - Airbrush CompressorSS-186 - Airbrush Compressor
Sale priceR 2,995.99
SS-186 - Airbrush Compressor
HS- 777 - Cleaning Station with Airbrush HolderHS- 777 - Cleaning Station with Airbrush Holder
P400/P320 - Fine Soft Touch Sanding Sponge
25 cm Turntable25 cm Turntable
Sale priceR 99.95
25 cm Turntable
Metal Cutting RoundsMetal Cutting Rounds
Sale priceR 129.95
Metal Cutting Rounds
UV Torch (12W)(Batteries not included) BLUE OR RED IN COLOR
Save R 114.97
Powderless Vinyl Nitrile GlovesPowderless Vinyl Nitrile Gloves
Sale priceR 114.98 Regular priceR 229.95
Powderless Vinyl Nitrile Gloves
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Parafilm M (masking)Parafilm M (masking)
Sale priceFrom R 9.95
Parafilm M (masking)
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Polysculpt™ Clay Bond - 59 ml
Sale priceR 269.95
Polysculpt™ Clay Bond - 59 ml
Sealing Kit Complete for Ninja Airbrush - Supernova StudioSealing Kit Complete for Ninja Airbrush - Supernova Studio
Iron Moulding WireIron Moulding Wire
Sale priceFrom R 36.95
Iron Moulding Wire
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Metal Modelling Ball Tool set (4 pieces)Metal Modelling Ball Tool set (4 pieces)
Feather Wire ToolFeather Wire Tool
Sale priceR 24.95
Feather Wire Tool
Clay Softener
Sale priceR 49.95
Clay Softener

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