Though most of the artwork & designs I’ve done are on surfboards, I have broadened my scope & experience by completing quite a few murals, t-shirt art or designs, motorcycles, helmets, canvases, cartoon & character art, portraits, live airbrush events & model replicas. I’m disciplined, self motivated & I’m driven to complete whatever I’ve started before the deadline or due date. I listen to the customer or clients requests or requirements but also get to know the background or history of the company or personality of the client so that I create artworks to compliment & add that unique personalized touch.

I served in the South African military for 14 years before making the change to be a career artist / entrepreneur ( I refer to it as “Art-trepreneur “ ). During this time I have made it mandatory to learn or experiment or try something new every day. Whether it’s a different technique, a different paint or product or a different method of application - my goal is to meet or exceed the customers or clients or companies or institutions expectations or requirements.

I have had the privilege to do artwork for or collaborate with a variety of companies, brands, clients & individuals both local & international & a few celebrities. Here’s a list of some of the many customers, clients, companies & institutions:

- LOST Enterprises (SA) - t-shirt artworks & designs
- Mayhem Shapes (SA) - surfboard artworks & designs
- Channel Islands Surfboards (SA) - surfboard art & designs
- Lightning Bolt (SA) -surfboard art & designs
- Bilt Surfboards (SA) - surfboard art & designs
- Quiksilver (SA) - surfboard display artworks
- Billabong (SA) - surfboard display artworks
- Skull Candy (SA) - surfboard display artworks
- Coca-Cola (Australia) - surfboard display artworks
- Clayton Surfboards (SA) - custom artwork & designs
- Peter Lawson Surfboards (SA) - custom art & designs
- Shapers Australia - surfboard display artworks
- Parmalat / Steri Stumpie - surfboard display artworks
- Bintang - surfboard display artworks
- Kinetx (SA) - mural artworks
- AFRISTAR (SA) - surfboard display artworks
- Oyster Box Hotel (SA) -mural artworks for New Year functions 2015; 2016 & 2017 - Halloween mural 2018
- SKYDIVE Dubai (USA) -surfboard display artworks
- Bondi Bar & Grilt (Philipense) - surfboard display artworks
- SA Breweries/Black Label - surfboard display artworks
- Overpledge Clothing (SA) - surfboard display artworks
- Wild Waves Surfshop (UAE) -surfboard display artworks
- Pearl Masters Restaurant (UAE) - surfboard display artworks
- YAS Water World (UAE) - surfboard display artworks
- Africa Surfboards (SA) - custom surfboard artworks & designs
- CASLAD (SA) - surfboard display artworks
- ARKTREE (SA) - surfboard display artworks
- Corner Surfshop (SA) - custom surfboard artworks & designs
- The Coffee Mag (SA) - (live airbrush art during the event, using different coffees)
- Warrior Experience (USA) - surfboard display artworks
- Vita Coco (SA) - surfboard display artworks
- Blue Safari Restaurant (Seychelles) - surfboard display artworks
-Larmont Surf (SA) - custom surfboard artworks

There’s no limit to my expertise & abilities If you can imagine or dream it, then it’s possible for me to create it.



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