Freestyle muralist specializing in freehand lettering and graphic art style characters.

My style is crisp and powerful, I read the wall and the whole area to adjust for lighting and to give the best and most impactful results.  I love literature and good solid writing so have a feel for classic art as well as modern. With help from clients I deliver what they envision in their heads adding a little of my own style and flare to keep it unique and recognisable as my artwork. 

I have done boardrooms, a lot of gym walls, a dentists rooms, corporate signage (all freehand and unique pieces of art) as well as nightclub entrance hallways. I don't do signwriting what I do is create once off art pieces that enlarge and add character to the spaces they inhabit. 

I love doing live art displays and can paint or spraypaint in front of a crowd at events  with no issues.  I really love doing flowers as well as any graphic art characters but am not limited in what I can do.  I am currently exploring Japanese Sumi-e brush and ink style.  I also enjoy painting on weird surfaces such as corrugated metal, brick or onto spray cans and wood.   

Contact info dm on instagram @uno_bear or message on facebook  @bearessentials or call 0784222444





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