Richard Cordeiro (also runs Thunderbrush Competition)

Professional Commission artist

I have been fascinated with the realm of scale modelling and figure

painting for over 12 years. Self taught following the European masters I

consider myself a subject matter expert in the field of creating

miniature displays. I also conduct workshops and classes and have

striven to grow the miniature painting community. I work for retailers,

distributors and serious collectors as well as corporate, who appreciate

the art form that is miniature art. I run a professional service,

allowing clients peace of mind with their valued collectibles, and

engaging in the entire process from start to finish, to fulfill the

clients vision first and foremost. Fully experienced in all forms of

modelling and all mediums including 3D prints. I aim to always

accomplish a master class finish in all my projects introducing nothing

but the highest standards.  


3rd Place - 'Eavier Metal Online contest (UK) 2017 - LARGE SCALE


2nd Place - MASSIVE VOODOO Disney Infinity challenge (GER) 2018

1st Place - Figure Mentors Magazine Contest (SPA) 2018

1st Place - 'Eavier Metal Online contest (UK) 2018 - Open Category

Store Champion & represent SA in Global "Everchosen" contest (UK) 2019


FACEBOOK: WildStorm Studios

INSTAGRAM: wildstorm_studio




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