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SWS20 - Zoukei-Mura - 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-14

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WWII Luftwaffe main fighter plane Bf109G-14 Taking off soon!
Following the SWS kit "Bf 109 G-14/U4 (Erich Hartmann)", which was produced in 2022 as a limited-order SWS 10th anniversary kit and already sold out, the standard version is now available! We hope you will take the SWS kit "G-14" in your hands and find the detailed replication of the differences between the various versions based on our research on the actual aircraft.
You can choose to build one of the two types of color schemes and markings “Blue 11” or “White1”."Blue 11" with the distinctive hammer as a personal mark, and "White 1" with the JG4 squadron mark of armor. We also include a special forward-facing pilot resin figure.

1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-14
SCALE 1/32 Scale
MODEL ■Plastic Model Kit (including 2-color molded parts, clear and grey)
■Total Parts: 359
■Included Items: Decal ×1 sheet, Masking seal ×1 sheet
■Special pilot figure (forward-facing) included!!
Pre-Order Pre-Order Period:
January 21, 2023 - February 26, 2023



1) The long-awaited "Bf 109" series is finally here with a 1/32 Scale SWS kit! You can choose to build one of the two types of color schemes and markings “Blue 11” or “White1”."Blue 11" with the distinctive hammer as a personal mark, and "White 1" with the JG4 squadron mark of armor.

2) Among them, the G type, which boasts the maximum number of production and produced many types, is replicated in detail in the SWS kit and you can see the precise differ-ences of each type. The real pleasure of SWS is that you can learn its development pro-cess as you assemble.

3) This is the heart of "Bf 109"! The internal structure such as the engine and armament mounted on the nose is perfect!
The compact fuselage shape as same size of the DB 605 engine shape and the main wing of the Bf 109, which is good at hit-and-run attacks, and its internal structure are reproduced in detail in the style unique to the SWS kit.


ENGINE, PROPELLER, ARNAMENT: The smooth, streamlined aerodynamic design that gave the Bf 109 its unique speed and agility!
The inverted-V, liquid-cooled 12-cylinder DB 605 engine has a small cross-section and a streamlined, compact fuselage shape. The inverted-V shaped cylinders allow weapons to be mounted on top of the engine close to the pilot's line of sight, improving shooting accuracy. The top of the nose section is armed with two MG 131/13.2 mm machine guns. A character-istic of the G model is the hump-like bulged cover that covers the shelling chute protruding laterally from the main body of the gun. The motor cannon that passes through the engine was replaced by the highly destructive MK 108/30 mm machine gun in some aircraft, such as the "Bf 109 G-14/U4," but this kit uses the MG 151/20 mm machine gun that was in-stalled in early models. The SWS is a great opportunity to learn about the transition of the G-type, which boasts the largest production volume, as you assemble the kit.

COCKPIT AND CANOPY: Bf 109’s unique cockpit that is neatly organized like a mass of rationalism.
In the later stages of the G-type, the Erla Haube type canopy with a small window frame was introduced to ensure the pilot's field of vision, and the G-14 in particular adopted the late Erla Haube type with an integrated antenna mast. In addition, the G-14 was equipped with a garland panzer consisting of an 8 mm steel plate behind the seat, a 60 mm glass plate behind the windshield, a 13 mm steel plate at the bottom, and a 60 mm glass plate at the top, which improved rearward visibility. On the inside wall of the cockpit, a pipe for checking the presence or absence of fuel from the L-shaped 400-liter fuel tank installed from behind to below the cockpit extends, and the SWS kit replicates it in detail with clear parts just like the actual plane. The unique cockpit of the Bf 109, neatly organized like a mass of rationalism, also seems to show the genius of Messerschmitt.

WING AND INTERNAL STRUCTURE: The Bf 109's wings, which excelled at one-strike attacks, and their internal structure.
The Bf 109's main wings were of the most common cantilever type, with automatic leading edge slats, and the radiator flaps, which had been enlarged since the F model, were re-placed by a clamshell type that, in addition to its flap function, also served as a cooler, allow-ing air to flow out through the radiator between the upper and lower surfaces of the wing. The flaps have been changed to a clamshell type, which also serves as a cooler. The SWS ful-ly reproduces this characteristic radiator flap with a selectable open/close mechanism. The Bf 109's wing structure, which excels in one-strike attack and is overflowing with functional beauty, has been carefully recreated in the SWS kit.


The G type, which boasts the largest number of production among the many sub-types, has been replicated in detail to show the wide range of differences.
The G-14 was the most produced version among the G-10 to G-16 subtypes, the last series of the G-type, which spanned a wide range of models. This kit rep-licates the G-14 in detail, which is said to have many minor differences in the shape and specifications of various parts due to its large number of pro-duction, including differences from the "U4," which has a different armament. One of the most distinctive and significant differences is the vertical tail wing. The "Hartmann model" has a short vertical tail fin inherited from the G-6 early type, but this kit uses a large vertical tail fin inherited from the G-6 late type. This kit is a perfect start of a new era of the SWS, and we hope you will experience the functional beauty, rich details, and ease of assembly of the rare and famous Bf 109 with your own hands and eyes.


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