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129514 - Harder & Steenbeck - Giraldez Infinity CR Plus Two in One (v2.0)

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Created with Angel Giraldez specifically for the art of painting miniatures to the highest standard possible, but with the greatest ease and control. The ergonomics are designed for highly accurate work on small pieces, the architecture for the simplest maintenance and the spray performance for ultimate control.

It is suitable as the first or last airbrush you ever buy because ease of use and maintenance are at the core of any great tool. If you are already a committed miniature painter, but a first time airbrush user, the GIRALDEZ INFINITY offers a perfect start, with no limits as you develop. The better the tool, the easier it is to use, for all abilities. The GIRALDEZ INFINITY will quickly feel familiar to an experienced brush painter due to the radically shortened front end, putting your hand as close as possible to the work for stability and accuracy.

Detailing confidence is quickly built using the innovative Sketching Caps on the front end to help understand distance from the workpiece. They also offer visual cues to increase accuracy, whilst protecting the needle tip.

The QuickFix trigger memory system gives confidence in fine control, without interrupting your workflow when you need to clean. And of course paint clogs are easily kept in check by a simple finger pinch over the needle tip, made safe and guided by the shape of the surrounding Sketching Cap.

Enjoy Harder & Steenbeck’s German quality and performance, together with Angel’s insight and experience, embodied in an airbrush designed to enable high level techniques for everyone. Finished with Angel’s signature designs, it is beautiful, but like all our products, it is designed first to work hard!

Basic Information:

  • CRplus Triple Chrome plated for perfect durability
  • Solo (129504) 0.2mm head with 2ml cup, or 2in1 (129514) with 0.2 & 0.4mm heads
  • Matching Display Stand available (129958)
  • NOTE: 5ml cup cannot be used on this airbrush

Design Goals:

  • Maximise control
  • Maximise accuracy
  • Maximise feel
  • Enable anyone to learn to paint in Angel’s style of “colour sketching” – a repeated
  • on/off use of the trigger for small shots of very transparent colour layers to sketch
  • and gradually build colour in perfect tones, with a high detail capability
  • Create the miniature painter’s passport to Giraldez level of technique and results
  • Enable cross-over to any high detail application

Methods to achieve the goal:

  • Bring the painter’s hand closer to the miniature – like a paintbrush
  • Focus on perfect feeling through the trigger of the needle motion
  • Create visual aids to help with the aim of the airbrush
  • Focus on making the initial movement on the trigger effortless

How we did it:

Airbrush Body

The front of the airbrush is 9mm shorter than a regular Infinity: more control and a more connected feel to the item being painted

Special new head design: the Sketching Caps

Comes with our new unique “Sketching Caps” in 3 sizes: the lower stem gives distance control, and enables Angel to refer to correct distances in his instruction videos by telling you which Sketching Cap to use to achieve certain effects

The shape on the top of the Sketching cap gives a pointed visual aid to help with aiming the airbrush perfectly, and allows total visibility of the needle tip to further increase accuracy

The needle tips may also be cleaned of dry paint by pinching them between the thumb and forefinger to prevent clogging, with the shape of the Sketching Cap preventing you from bending the needle tip whilst doing this.

New Trigger Design

The trigger button shape and more vertical resting position of the trigger system is optimised to put the finger pressure directly over, and slightly behind the trigger pivot; the initial opening of the needle needs less pressure and is now naturally a part of pressing down the trigger – the way that Angel paints

The excentre shape is optimised for maximum feel and control at the start of the trigger travel: to maximise feel and control over detail shading/ highlighting work

The excentre cannot rotate around the trigger stem – now it is automatically always in the correct position for assembly, making reassembly easier

The trigger stem has been increased in stiffness by changing it from a round section to an elliptical section to give a more direct feel between the trigger and the needle

New Needle Guide System:

The needle carriage system is redesigned for maximum control and feel between the trigger and needle – the feel is extremely direct

New Needle Clamp System:

The needle clamping nut has a new design which makes it almost impossible to bend the needle tip when replacing the needle from the back of the airbrush even when imperfectly aligned – as you push the needle into it, the internal shape works together with the taper on the needle to ensure that the needle tip cannot touch anything as it slides in, and ensures perfect alignment of the needle before it enters the needle guide, protecting the tip.

New Needle Seal System:

The needle packing seal is made from a new low friction material, and is manufactured using a new process resulting in much better tolerances – again focussed on minimum friction on the needle and therefore maximum control of the needle movement through the triggerThe position of the needle packing has been moved as far forward as possible to directly behind the paint cup: to give the most stability to the centring of the needle in the nozzle and to enable easier cleaning of all paint pathways.

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