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Vaughn Melville
Review of Faun L900 Hardtop

Awesome kit and an improved offering from the original with both hardtop and soft top cab alternatives, multi part slices making up the wheels and tyres and some fantastic new civilian colour and decal options. It’s going to look impressive once built - just need to acquire the separate trailer kit to go with it



Das Werk is a German model kit company. They have highly detailed superbly engineered and unusual subjects. The quality of the kits and their presentation is outstanding. The instruction manuals are works of art!

From their website - "Models from Assembler to Assembler. We want to tackle many things differently, unconventionally. We do not just bring models to the market. We would like to distribute joy in crafting. Here we will inform you about it and take you with us on our journey."

Product Details

  • Highly detailed static plastic model
  • Hardtop Version with accurate representation
  • 3 different suspension springs for different load status
    (Unloaded, Neutral and Full loaded)
  • Freightbed side walls buildable up or downwards
  • Contains brass tubing with bending jig for freight bed arches

This new hardtop version differs from the truck of the combi kit:

  • Hardtop Cabin
    (The parts for the soft top version are additionally still included.)
  • Improved towing hitch/hook
  • Improved exhaust system (muffler)
  • New multiple part plastic wheels with corrected dimensions

The new changes to the kit are shown by the beige colored parts in the provided pictures.

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