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RGG360 Painting Handle v2 - RGG360° PAINTING HANDLE Ergonomic painting handle for miniature painting

Redgrass GamesSKU: RGG360-MAG-BL-GR

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lee McAlister
Great tool

Rotating head and grip make this the best

Andre van Wyk

Great little tool. Makes holding miniatures so much easier. Nice strong magnet in the base. Sticks very well to all magnetic surfaces without having to use the little disc supplied.

Reynard Mans



By Redgrassgames


RGG 360° (design patent) is the only natural ergonomic miniature holder designed to create the best connection between you and your miniature, help you adopt the best painting position and minimise unnecessary movements.

Natural ergonomic painting handle

The RGG 360° is the only natural ergonomic handle designed to help you adopt the best painting position, and minimize unnecessary movements.  Stay focused for longer without strain

Innovative 360° rotation

RGG 360° handle allows you to rotate your miniature but in a controlled action. Doesn't spin freely. You don’t need to hold it in place with your thumb. Designed with a tight axle mechanism that will last for years.

One painting handle, many paintjobs

You can paint multiple miniatures with just one holder. It has never been easier to swap your projects on the go. Perfect for batch painting. Save desk space. (additional caps sold separately)

The choice of Pro-painters

Used by pro-painters and youtubers all over the world such as world famous painter Angel Giraldez. RGG360 is one of the most acclaimed miniature holders available.

Improved stability

Secure your WIP miniature between painting sessions thanks to the strong magnet inside the holder.

Versatility at your fingertips

With the RGG360° painting handle, versatility is key. Whether it's swappable caps for small miniatures, XL caps for larger figures, or even cork inserts for sub-assemblies, this single handle accommodates it all.


RGG 360° Painting Handle For Miniature Painting: What’s new?

In response to popular demand from our community, we’ve designed the new XL cap, which is curvier, longer, and larger. This innovation allows you to comfortably hold larger miniatures and provides a longer cap option, ideal for those with bigger hands.

Miniature holder: a painting handle featuring swappable, interchangeable caps.

Our challenge was to strike the perfect balance between width and length, ensuring the XL cap remains comfortable for average hand sizes (like ours!). If you’re already using the RGG360° painting handle, this new XL cap will be a valuable and versatile addition to your painting arsenal.

Crafted from dense, highly resistant cork, our pinning cork insert is ideal for painters who focus on individual parts at a time, such as a sword or a head. It comes with a high-quality self adhesive, allowing you to secure the cork to either a small or an XL cap according to your preference.

The process is straightforward: simply drill a hole, insert a metal rod or staple into your miniature’s sub-part, and then stick the rod into the pinning cork. Begin painting – it’s that simple. Plus, with the 360° feature of our handle, you can effortlessly rotate your tiny sub-part for optimal access and precision.

A marvel of design and technology

With its fully 360° revolving function, you can rotate your plastic or resin WIPs in a completely controlled manner. And all with just a gentle flick of your thumb or finger as you paint! But when you stop, it stops. The precision axle mechanism ensures a smooth spinning action that’s tight enough that it doesn’t turn involuntarily. It is ultra-responsive to you and your needs, and helps minimise unnecessary hand movements whilst accessing any and all awkward areas for painting.

Batch painting becomes more efficient with the RGG 360 painting handle. Our innovative swappable caps system enables you to paint entire squads at once, using just one handle for multiple models, thereby saving valuable space in your hobby area. The process is straightforward: simply detach the current cap or XL cap, along with its work-in-progress (WIP) miniature, and replace it on the handle with another cap attached to the next WIP model you’re ready to paint!

You can comfortably paint for hours without risk of wrist strain or hand fatigue with the sculpted grip of the RGG 360°. Crucially, too, it means you can minimise the amount of physical contact your hands have with the model, which will help prevent chipping and paint rubbing! Additionally, the handle is lightweight and well-balanced, ensuring a comfortable feel.

Each RGG 360 painting handle comes with a magnetic docking function. Affix the docking disc to your hobby space, wet palette lid, or storage location. Whenever you need to pause or put down the painting, the stable, well-balanced design and strong magnet within the painting handle will take care of the rest! Your painting project will be secured until you can pick it up once more.

rgg360 magnetic dock

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