KIN48065 - Chinese PLA Navy J-15/ SU-35 "Flying Shark" Fighter w/Tow Tractor & Ground Crew

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One of the "new generation" Kinetic kits. This is a big bird and a big box full of plastic!

From the review by the excellent Geoff Coughlin from the following summary:


This is a great subject and will provide all military fans, especially those with an interest in modern ‘heavy metal’ combat types with a great addition to their collection. The model itself looks to be very well engineered and detailed and so what’s not to like?
Geoff C.

You can see the full review here -

Key features:

  • Option for open or closed canopy
  • Folded or spread wings with detailed wing-fold mechanism
  • Undercarriage units and wheel hubs look good and the plastic tyres are moulded with subtle flat spots.
  • Rubber-vinyl tyre options are also included
  • Wheel wells are detailed with plenty of raised features 
  • Various AA missile stores are included
  • Dorsal speed brake can be positioned open or closed
  • PE is extremely fine and delicate
  • Burner cans are well done and highly detailed when the PE is added
  • Includes one deck tractor plus options for up to nine crew members

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