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9003 - Green Stuff Tape 30 CM (12 Inch) Epoxy Putty

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Customer Reviews

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Isaiah Dietrich

Will definitely buy from you guys again

Philip Zhang
This STUFF is amazing

Great condition, nice and crisp, extremely well pacakged and just smells great! (please don't judge)

Dirk van den Berg
Green Stuff Tape

Works very well. Have not used a lot of it yet.

Dave Freedman
Green Stuff Tape! Yah!

Love, love and more love for this product!

Even more happy with the super delivery time.

Chantal Viljoen
First supernova order

Very happy with the service; easy order process, friendly staff, fast delivery and packed neatly!!


Kneadatite Blue/Yellow Green Stuff is a room-temperature curing two-part epoxy putty sold either in tape format. 

Mixing equal parts of the yellow 'filler' and blue 'hardener' produces a sticky green putty that feels a lot like chewed bubble gum. Once mixed, it has a worklife of 90 minutes, allowing time for shaping and detailing, reaching 'ultimate hardness' after 24 hours. Altering the mix with more blue or yellow component will produce a faster/slower and harder/softer cure.

We recommend to use a little lubricant to prevent Green Stuff from sticking. Normally water is enough but some people also use others such as Vaseline, petroleum jelly or even jhonson baby oil to get smooth surfaces. Keep wet fingers and tools to make easier the sculpting and modeling process. You may also add talcum powder to reduce the stickiness and avoid fingerprints.

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