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AK35001 - FJ43 SUV with hard top - 1/35

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Charles Jooste
Supernova Studio, my new favourite online hobby supplier.

Supernova Studio is a gem where you find a broad variety of hobby and art supplies. I found the AK FJ43 SUV amongst others as well as the highly acclaimed Vallejo acrylics. They are my new favourite hobby supplier for online purchases. Items are very well packed for protection during shipping, and the deliveries quick to Gauteng.


The FJ43 is part of the famous FJ40 series of 4x4s produced by the well-known japanese company since 1953. The J40 series was a tremendous best seller around the globe, helping to build the reputation of the japanese brand worldwide due to its sturdiness, economy and reliability. It was used for decades for military and civilian duties, and still remains service in across many countries. It has become an icon due to its popularity in many conflicts, even coining the term “Toyota Wars”. Fitted with weapons improved in many ways, it has proven its value as a capable vehicle in the most complicated terrain and tasks. This series had many configurations. Official and extra official ones. During the years the models had many changes and updates and is possible to see many vehicles with different parts, seats, wheels etc.


FJ40 is the short wheel base, FJ43 is the medium wheels base, FJ45 is the long wheelbase and pickup J40 series can be done in several types depending on wheelbase and year of production FJ40, FJ43 and FJ45 can be done with hard top and soft top and even topless and in several year batches 1958 to 1960 / 1961 to 1965 / 1966 to 1977 / 1978 to 1981 / 1981 to 1985, in soft top and hard top. The FJ43 existed in configurations that had anti air guns like DShK, 50 cal machine guns, zpu1, zpu4, zpu2, zu23 guns, 106 recoiless guns, B10 and B11 recoiless guns and many other rocket launchers such as type 63 107mm.


AK35001 is the HardTop version of the vehicle, probably one of the most popular variants in use. The top could be easily removed or refitted as conditions demanded, but it was a most useful asset under cold, rainy or dusty weather, both for military and civil users along the many decades of service of the vehicle. The modeler can make different changes in the kit and easy variations to match different configurations seen through the years in different conflicts or civil versions. Is perfect to build out of box or to update and adapt to our own version. This kit allows a multitude of possibilities.


The kit features:

+ Over 170 plastic parts.
+ Decals for 3 painting/marking options.
+ Front wheels with optional steering.
+ Highly detailed interior.
+ Two different wheels options.
+ Different parts for multiple versions

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