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73.817 Petrol Spills - Vallejo Weathering Effects

Acrylicos VallejoSKU: 73.817

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brendan lyle
Petrol Spill

Very easy to use weathing effect, adds legit petrol spills to your tanks and vehciles, super amazing with many excellent Vallejo videos on how to apply. Worth every penny!

Chris Mienie
73.817 Petrol Spills

Excellent for making those "oily" stains that you see on some fighter planes, especially with a gray scheme like the F-15E or F-16.


Vallejo Weathering Effects

The innovative range of Weathering Effects offers the modeler a new medium for depicting the effects of exposure to weather and extreme climates on vehicles and armor. The references of the range are formulated with permanent pigments and water based acrylic resins, and offer a great variety of scenic possibilities such as the creation of spilled fuel, engine grime, lichen and humidity, and crushed grass, mud splashes and fuel stains, each developed to represent a specific effect on vehicles and armor and to show their operative history under harsh conditions.

The products can be applied directly on the base, dry rapidly and most of them permit immediate further manipulation with the exception of Thick Mud which needs a more extended time for drying completely. Tools can be cleaned with water and soap.

Applications: Reproduces the blue-black shade of intensity observed in heavy oils, lubricants, on barrels in a truck bed and round marks left by barrels on the ground, left by the flame throwers and combat vehicles.

Safety: Weathering Effects is not flammable, and does not contain solvents. Please see also certified safety information of the product on the Safety page.

Packaging: Weathering Effects range is available in 40 ml./1.35 fl.oz. pots. The range of Thick Mud is available 40 ml./1.35 fl.oz. and 200 ml./6.76 fl.oz. pots.

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