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71.193 RLM Colors (16) - Vallejo Model Air Set

Acrylicos VallejoSKU: 71.193

Sale priceR 919.95
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Model Air set for painting models and miniatures. Each one of these sets has a selection of special colors for painting vehicles, figures, etc. Contains 16 bottles of 17 ml. (with eyedropper) and color chart.

71,055 RLM66 Black Grey
71,258 RLM74 Grey Green
71,259 RLM75 Grey Violet
71,257 RLM76 Light Blue
71,264 RLM81 Brown violet
71,022 RLM82 Light Green
71,011 RLM83 Dark Green
71,103 RLM84 Grey Blue
71,042 RLM61 Dark Brown
71,104 RLM62 Green
71,260 RLM63 Light Grey
71,255 RLM65 Light blue
71,021 Black Green
71,015 RLM71 Dark Green
71,044 RLM02 Grey
71,078 RLM04 Yellow

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