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43.713 - Yellow Orange - Silk Color 60 ml

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Acrylicos VallejoSKU: 43.713

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Silk Color is a range of brilliant translucent colors, formulated with a new acrylic resin which preserves the luxurious texture and softness of silk fabrics. Colors are applied with a soft brush or sponge, and extend easily and evenly without streaking; they are fixed by ironing (dry heat setting) and can be washed with the care for delicate fabrics.

The range contains a full assortment of tonalities, all mixable with one another; Anti Flow and Flow Mediums and Thickener are available for the various techniques of Silk painting, as well as a complete selection of Guttas (contour medium) in a handy tube with applicator tip (please see technical information). Brushes and utensils can be washed with water and soap. The product is manufactured in accordance with the EEC regulations.

Packaging: 60ml 

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