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27.650 Polyurethane Gloss Varnish 650 - 200 ml- Vallejo Model Color

Acrylicos VallejoSKU: 27.650

Sale priceR 189.95
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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Reid

Very satisfied with both products, which are excellent, and by far the best acrylics I have used.

Paul Loubser
The Easy Clear Coat

With so many clear coats already available, why do we need this one?
Simple, Polyurethane coats are super tough and that makes them great for a number of model kit types.

I dig that its water based meaning if I accidentally overshoot with my airbrush a wet brush is enough to help clear up pooling without hurting my precious paint job underneath.

Uv resistant is a big plus meaning your paint jobs shouldn't fade and more importantly it shouldn't go yellow overtime.

Quick Notes for the TLDR crowd.
Easy to apply
UV resistant
Tough (great for articulated kits)
Shiny shell candy look after 3 or 4 thin coats
Thin with Vallejo airbrush thinner.
Clean with Vallejo airbrush cleaner.

Bonus feature, used with a brush it makes for a great seam filler.
Slow drying time makes it great for use with Armored Komodo powders.

Ronel Benade

Thank you for great service and quick feedback. 5-stars from me.
* * * * *

Janine Nevin
27.650 Polyurethane Gloss Varnish 650

Love this product

Brendon Laureau
Polyurethane Gloss Varnish 600ml

Produces a smooth even gloss finish that is durable & hard wearing. Easy to use & just as easy to clean.


Water based polyurethane varnish formulated with the most recently developed resin. This varnish has the superior resistance of polyurethane and the ease of application of water based products. U.V. Resistant.

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