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121233 - EVOLUTION CR plus TWO in One 2024

Harder & SteenbeckSKU: 121233

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Features List: 

  • New FineLine Head Design: the new 0.28mm and 0.45mm sizes give better detail than the previous 0.2mm, but with more robustness, less clogging and better sealing. Really, the detail is breathtaking!  
  • 2in1 set comes with the 0.28mm and the 0.45mm with both the 2ml and 5ml cups for ultimate versatility. 
  • Excenter Cam Control – the trigger system has been redesigned to create a perfect connection between your finger and the needle motion. The unique Excenter now behaves like a true cam system, as accurate and tuneable as in a performance engine! The Excenter cam shape on the EVOLUTION 2024 gives a more responsive feel during detail work whilst remaining accessible and easy to control for a non-expert. 
  • Speed Clean Trigger – The Excenter now gives nearly 20% more travel to the needle, giving a far faster flushing and cleaning process. This airbrush is designed to work hard, and work fast. 
  • Clog Control System: a new interpretation of our FineLine head concept for progressing airbrushers –you can see the needle tip, clean the needle tip without needing a brush, but it is always protected. A clean needle tip is the solution to airbrushing with no colour clogging. 
  • Color Control – infinitely adjustable needle stop system to support progression, whilst being very fast to adjust and dial in/ out due to its unique triple start thread system. 
  • Flexible Architecture: you can accessorise your EVOLUTION 2024 CRplus with micro, 2ml or 5ml cups, and fit any H&S head size to fit your needs. The 2in1 set comes with the 2ml and the 5ml cups. 
  • Tool Free – strip your airbrush with no tools! Clean up is faster and easier than ever, and more bullet proof than ever. 
  • Full CRplus specification – triple chrome plate and gold finishing for ultimate durability. 

Headsets and Compatibility:

All other H&S heads can still be fitted to the EVOLUTION 2024 CRplus:

  •  the old 0.2mm & 0.4mm Evolution headsets is discontinued when stocks are finished and they are replaced by the new 0.28mm and 0.45mm sets.
  •  all H&S airbrushes are compatible with the new 0.28mm and 0.45mm EVOLUTION 2024 CRplus headsets.
  •  The new 0.28mm headset offers a finer detail spray than the old 0.2mm but it is more robust, and more user-friendly
  •  The new 0.45mm headset offers better detail performance than the old 0.4mm but is also more robust and more user friendly
  •  The 0.2mm needle and the 0.4mm needles remain unchanged and are used in the new headsets.
  •  All 0.28mm nozzles can be used with old 0.2mm sets – the compatibility is perfect
  •  All 0.45mm nozzle can be used with old 0.4mm sets – the compatibility is perfect.

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