10 Reasons why you may want to try acrylic paints

Why have acrylic paints become so popular over the past few decades?

First created in the 1950's primarily for house paint, they turned into artist colour in the 1960s. One of the first companies to produce artist acrylics was Acrylicos Vallejo which started in 1965 in New Jersey USA. the company later moved to Spain where they have been producing the word's finest artist's acrylics since 1969. Acrylic paints have several features which have made them so popular with artists, here are ten of them:

  1. You can paint on almost anything as long as the surface is free of oil or wax.
  2. The very fast drying time allows you to layer colours quickly and finish projects in record time.
  3. Water resistant when dry.
  4. Water soluble when wet, acrylic paint can be easily washed and cleaned with soap and water.
  5. They are much less toxic.
  6. Very durable, acrylics won't crack, peel, shrink or yellow over time.
  7. Comparatively they are affordable.
  8. The colours are really vibrant.
  9. They are adaptable and versatile, there are many mediums and auxiliary products that can enhance or change the consistency and texture.
  10. They can be sculpted, acrylics can be used in three-dimensional form!

The range of Vallejo acrylics is available from the Supernova Studio Art Shop here.

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