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TAK2052 - Takom 1/35 South African G6 "Rhino" Self-Propelled Howitzer

TakomSKU: TAK2052

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Customer Reviews

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Chris Fulbeck

Excellent Kit

Robin Mac Donald

Absolutely brilliant kit. Well worth waiting for the restock.


Kit Details:

  • Two marking options
  • All wheels are workable
  • PE and clear parts included
  • Front wheels are steerable
  • Gun can elevate and depress
  • Accurately detailed interior
  • All hatches can be built open or closed 
Review summary and pictures from Finescale Modeler Magazine's review by Mike Scharf:
Good detail; easy assembly
Armored glass needs to be painted
Injection-molded, 365 parts (13 PE, 6 vinyl), decals.


South Africa produced weapons to circumvent an arms embargo placed against it in 1977 by the United Nations. One of the vehicles developed was a mine-resistant, wheeled, self-propelled 155mm howitzer known as the G6 Rhino. 

Takom’s Rhino is molded in light gray plastic with just a few ejector-pin marks in need of filling and minor mold seams. Vision blocks, light lenses, and windows for the driver’s compartment are clear. Two photo-etch (PE) frets are included.

Overall, fit is good — I only needed filler where I got careless.

The six large tires are molded in vinyl with good tread and sidewall placards. Minor flash on the lip of each tire was easily removed with a sharp knife.

See the full review here:

See this brilliant two-part building and painting guide by Trevor - 

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