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brendan lyle
Vallejo Game Washes

The vallejo washes are perfect for shading mini's, they are easy to mix and can be lightened, darkened or even thinned out with water to have a more subtle effect.
They also work well if you add them to the Vallejo game colour to get darker tones of your desired colours. The pigments are robust and can handle a lot of thinning down with water and still retain a lot of the colour. The washes are the perfect consistancy to wash into the recesses of your model and createa very quick and easy shaddow that looks great! Vallejo is nice to work with and I recommend them highly!! fter sales service is of the highest quality and SuperNova is always available to answer any queries! Very awesome!


Quick Drying Transparent Acrylic Wash

Vallejo WASH is used to bring out the details of miniatures and figures, they come to life immediately with a single application. But these washes are also used for ageing models, giving a look of wear and tear.

They are marketed in the familiar 17ml bottle with eyedropper.

Vallejo Acrylic Game Color - This compact range has been specially developed to contain all the frequently used colours in fantasy figures. It has a formula particularly designed for adherence on plastics and metals, using a new resin of unequaled durability and resistance to scrapes and abrasion. Colours brush on easily and smoothly, and dry to an opaque matte finish. Their finely ground texture makes them perfect for most miniature details as well as for large surfaces. They are highly pigmented, light fast and waterproof once dry. Errors can be corrected immediately with water or a small amount of alcohol.

Vallejo paints have easy to use dropper bottles which allow precise quantities to be used without the need for separate tools. Additionally the bottles seal properly, effectively protecting paints from evaporation and drying out when stored over long periods.


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