Redgrass Games

Everlasting Wet Palette - Studio XL (20x30cm)

R 1,299.95

Redgrass Games

Everlasting Wet Palette - Studio XL (20x30cm)

R 1,299.95

By Redgrassgames

Save paint & time, the paint won’t dry out during your painting session, no more waste!

Start and stop at will, you can stop painting for a few minutes, hours or days.

Achieve advanced techniques, thanks to the everlasting stable hydration system, and our smooth surface, you will be able to perform advanced techniques.

Easy to use, it works straight out of the box, everything was designed to help you enjoy your miniature painting and make things easier for you!

Whats in the box?

1 Everlasting wet palette - Studio XL Model (20x30cm)

50 Sheets of hydration paper

    • Unique formula
    • No bleeding – No overflowing
    • Perfect to master advanced painting technics
    • Resistant
    • Cut to dimension

2 Hydration foam pads

    • Mold resistant
    • Long lasting
    • Extra flat
    • Hydrophilic = can hold a lot of water
    • Works best with Everlasting Hydration paper sheets

1 Wavy accessory

    • 5 wells for inks and highly diluted paint.
    • Magnetic attachment will allow you to easily attach WAVY. 
    • Each waves can be used as a brush holder.
    • Lefty and righty friendly.
    • Easy cleaning.

1 Strap band

    • High quality perfectly matched elastic strap to keep it all together.
    • Can hold a couple of brushes too for travelling.
    • Long lasting.